Luke Drozd - Bag Juice (Juicy Juice)
Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 August 2013 12-6pm
Opening night Friday 23 August 6-9pm
38b Peckham Rye, London

Bag Juice (Juicy Juice) was a show about trying to find relationships and tensions between materials and objects, knowing what to keep and what to throw away and letting your hands make decisions. Death masks, ceramics and failed papier-mâché objects lingered in this collection of sort-of-new works.




Death Masks (papier-mache, spray paint, marker pen, tissue paper)

Death Masks  

Death Masks  

Bob and Me (found photograph, stickers and frame)

Pinch, But Don't Steal (ceramics, black pigment and spray paint)




A Frame and Death Mask  

A Frame (found book, Lycra and plywood)

Pottered (Ceramic, coated MDF, tags and felt tip pen)


Pepo (papier-mache, spray paint, cane, eraser and guitar bridge)

Pepo and Death Mask  

Stop It (ongoing collection of doorstops from art institutions)