Born 1980. Lives and works in W. Yorks. British

I am an artist, musician and writer interested in the role of cultural activity in social change. My practice and research focuses on alternative forms of work, Do-it-Yourself culture, self-organisation, participation, collaboration, counter-institutions, and post-capitalist subjectivity. I explore this in a variety of ways from the representational (including illustration, composition, writing, performance, film and video) to the practical (public engagement and interventions, organising events and festivals, forming and steering organisations and working collectively). I approach art and culture as sites for experimentation with non-capitalist ways of being and acting together that have social and political resonance.


Proposition 0'00", performance for IS/N'T IT live art event, Bradford
'DIY Bother?', presentation, Milton Keynes Art Centre, Milton Keynes
'Black Dogs Guided Goitside', presentation, Bradford College, Bradford
Bradford Festival of Pastimes, commission for South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford
Panelist for DIY Strategies for Sound And Music, The Custard Factory, Birmingham
Proposition 0'00", performance for Art Licks Weekend, London
Guided Goitside Black Dogs radio play produced and broadcast for RECON festival, Bradford
Video score commission for Arborescent, Beacons Festival, Skipton
'Just Do(ing) It. DIY Culture and Postcapitalist Imaginaries' paper presented at Keep It Simple Make It Fast conference, University of Porto, Portugal
Erewyrehve (trailers), commission from In Certain Places for Clocking Off Internet Broadcast
What's Your Favourite Idea?, Black Dogs exhibition and event for Bradford Threadfest
Dark Matter Institute, curated and produced by Art in Unusual Spaces for Bradford Threadfest

'Just Do(ing) It. DIY Culture and Postcapitalist Imaginaries' talk at Making Diverse Economies event, Portland Works, Sheffield
Blackburn Festival of Pastimes, commission for MAAP and CRT, Daisyfield Centre, Blackburn
Guided Goitside, Black Dogs event, Goitside, Bradford
Mapping bRADford, Black Dogs participatory mapping project, Fabric Arts Lab, Bradford
Fieldworks, exhibition with Fellow in Art Caroline Hick, Gallery II, Bradford
'Just Do(ing) It, Again', organiser of conference on self-organised culture, 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
'The Radical Ethics of DIY…', presentation at The Newbridge Project, Newcastle
'Contraband', Black Dogs public art piece for Divided We Fall Festival, Leeds
Gasworks International Fellowship, residency, PiST/// Interdisciplinary Project Space, Istanbul

'Homeward Unbound' and 'Hardcore Journey' shown as part of Connecting Principle Event 12 - Set and Setting, Newcastle University
'Just Do(ing) It. Self Organised (Art) activity and the production of Postcapitalist Subjectivity', presentation for Bradford College
'The Radical Ethics of DIY in Self-organised Art and Cultural Activity', presentation for Ixia Public Art and Self-organisation conference, Leeds
'Garden Nomad', presentation at Anarchist Studies Network Conference, Loughborough
‘The Art of Self-publishing’, presentation for Young Visionaries, PSL, Leeds
We Lucky Few: Saltaire’s Other Paths, Saltaire Arts Trail, Saltaire, Bradford
Contraband, Black Dogs contribution to Ante group exhibition, Kirkgate Centre, Shipley
Heavy Metal Bell Pits, contribution to Pieces of Eight group exhibition, PSL, Leeds
'Just Do(ing) It. Self Organised (Art) activity and the production of Postcapitalist subjectivity', presentation for Blackpool and The Fylde College, Blackpool
Merzbarn Residency, Black Dogs on invitation by Littoral, Eltewater, Lake District


Next To Nothing, Black Dogs exhibition, +44 141 Gallery, Glasgow
Get Some Fresh Air, public gaming projections, Light Night, Leeds
Next To Nothing, Black Dogs exhibition, The Light, Leeds
Valuing The Arts in an Age of Austerity, panel member for Leeds Salon debate, The Carriageworks, Leeds
Saltaire Food Map, exhibition for Saltaire Arts Trail, Saltaire, Bradford
The Wonderful World Of…, live soundtrack composition and performance for play, Temple Works, Leeds
Just Do(ing) It, organiser of conference on self-organised art as part of RaRa, S1 Artspace, Sheffield
'Ethics, Friendship and Love in Self-organisation', presentation for discussion on self-organised art activity, Spike Island, Bristol
Free Films Made Freely, Live soundtracking to Paolo Gioli 16mm film, Patrick Studios, Leeds
’Leeds Creative Timebank: An Introduction’, Video presentation/Q&A for Timebanking Masterclass, Leeds
A Serious Waste of Time: (Non-works in progress), Solo exhibition, Marshalls Mill, Holbeck, Leeds
‘A Serious Waste of Time: Artistic Praxis and the Production of Post-Capitalist Subjectivity’, Presentation for Artistic Research conference, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
‘Self-organisation & Critical Practice’, Presentation for artist-led activity conference, S1 Artspace, Sheffield

MK2morrow, Black Dogs exhibition, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
Up in Flames, Live soundtracking music performance at Film and Fire event, S1 Artspace, Sheffield
Kurt Schwitters MerzBarn residency, Black Dogs on invitation by Littoral, Eltewater, Lake District
Moving Body in the City, Discussion event chair for Lumen and imove, 42 New Briggate, Leeds
Saltaire Cat Map: The Lives of Others’ Pets, Saltaire Arts Trail, Saltaire, Bradford
Audio Almanac: LIVE!, Black Dogs installation and performance, SUPERNORMAL, Oxfordshire
Audio Almanac: LIVE!, Black Dogs installation and performance, Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes
‘Against Professionalisation in Art’, Black Dogs talk, Artachat, The Roxy, Edinburgh
Audio Almanac Party, Black Dogs record-release event, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Bankside Views, Black Dogs commissioned event for Tate Community, Tate Modern, London
How Not To Sell your Soul at NSFS, Black Dogs installation at No Soul For Sale, Tate Modern, London
Black Lab, collaborative autonomous artistic knowledge production project, Green Sand Foundry, Leeds
Leeds Art Timeline, participatory installation at ‘Visual Arts Framework for Leeds’, Leeds Met Uni, Leeds
'Sustaining Encounters’, research presentation for ‘Valued Places’, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield
’Garden Nomad’, presentation for ‘Art Theory Lecture Series’, The Loft, Wakefield

DIY Survival Kit Live, Black Dogs performance for Leeds Summat, University of Leeds, Leeds
’Garden Nomad’, presentation for postgraduate staff and students, York St Johns University, York
Silence Please, audio performance intervention for Light Night, Leeds Central Library, Leeds
IILAAA, installation and participatory mapping event, MAP gallery, Leeds
Valley Court, screened as part of ‘Salon’ group show, Temporary Art Space, Halifax
Homeward Unbound, screened as part of ‘Soup and Cinema’, PSL, Leeds
‘DIY Bother?’, presentation and facilitated discussion, Glasgow Festival of DIY Culture, Glasgow
‘DIY Bother?’, presentation and facilitated discussion around self-organisation, Islington Art Mill, Salford
Homeward Unbound, screened as part of ‘Hatch’, Bradford Playhouse, Bradford
Longton Festival of Pastimes, commission for Urban Vision North Staffs, Stoke-on-Trent
ANTIFREEZE, Black Dogs audio intervention for CMV as part of Trade City, Manchester
‘Garden Nomad’, presentation for Artistic Research Festival Leeds College of Art, Leeds
’Garden Nomad’, presentation for Artistic Research conference Finnish Academy of Arts, Helsinki, Finland
A Series of Arbitrary Constraints, group show curated by Something Visual, St John’s Church, Leeds
Old, New, Borrowed, Blue, invite-only exhibition by commission in Chapeltown Ukranian Centre, Leeds
Tower Works Interventions, Black Dogs public art commission from Yorkshire Forward, Holbeck, Leeds

‘Negotiating Collaboration’, presentation delivered at Ta(l)king Place, Sheffield
Dose of Summer, Black Dogs public intervention event for Light Night, Leeds
Things to Do in Sholver/ECR, public intervention events for HMR arts strategy, Oldham and Rochdale
DIY Survival Kit, Black Dogs publication launch event for LIME, Leeds Central Library
Significant Pursuits, participatory performance for Journey with Fluxus, Flux-Fest, Birmingham
Lead Artist, to develop artistic strategy for Housing Market Renewal, Oldham and Rochdale
Collect, group show for MA and MAFA graduating students, Lifton Place, University of Leeds
Eggs, Flour, Milk, Cheese, Black Dogs group exhibition, 42 New Briggate Gallery, Leeds
Festival of Pastimes, public intervention event, Briggate, Leeds
Significant Pursuits, participatory performance for Time and Tidal Flow, Hull
Online Consequences, Black Dogs web based project, Axis arts website, Leeds
‘The implications of Punk, DIY and Self-Organisation in art’, Black Dogs, Access Space, Sheffield
‘Transgression and Civic Partnerships in Art for Social Change’, Institute of Place Management, London

Dogs Vs Wolves Gallery Giveaway, Black Dogs exhibition and event, Dazed Gallery, London
Bondage (on the streets), programme of interventions and street art activity Light Night, Leeds
Bring us Your Arms Bradford, Your Arms! Street Installation/workshop, STIR Festival, Bradford
Responsive Improvisation, performance at Site Gallery, Liverpool
Perambulator, The Showroom and Workstation, Sheffield
Holbeck Pavillion, Your Arms! exhibition, Artist House, Leeds
Books On Buses, Black Dogs project for Situation Leeds 07 public art festival, Leeds
Careless Talk Costs Lives, Black Dogs, Leeds Met Gallery, Leeds
Your Arms! presentation, O2k Knowledge economy conference, Thessaloniki, Greece
Your Arms! presentation, Nurope Conference Philosophy and Enterprise, Biella, Italy

Larry Through the Pint Glass, Black Dogs Event, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Auditory, Audio-visual exhibition, Holy Trinity Church, Leeds
From the North, group show inc. Black Dogs, Generator, Dundee, Scotland
Unidee Residency, Fondazione Cittadellarte, Biella, Italy
Wager Slave, Black Dogs group show, Bloc Space, Sheffield
Consequences, Black Dogs group show, Whitehall Waterfront, Leeds

Republic, Situation Leeds 05 public art festival, Patrick Studios, Leeds
Vitrine, Black Dogs public art commission, Leeds Train Station, Leeds

Technically Wrong, Black Dogs group show, Cloth Hall, Leeds
Arte Et Labore, Black Dogs group show, Cloth Hall, Leeds


'DIY Bother? Reasons To Just Keep Doing it', Don't Make A Scene: A Field Guide To Putting on DIY Gigs, Edinburgh
'The Mirrored Hammer' newspaper, editor and various contributions, Bradford

'Fieldworks: Research and Experiments within Art and Culture', exhibition catalogue, University of Bradford
'Open Door', Tyman and Rushton, The Good Life (Castlefield Gallery, Manchester)
'Just Doing It: Art, Self-organised Cultural Activity and the Production of Postcapitalist Subjectivity', Mika Hannula et al (eds.), Artist as Researchers: A New Paradigm for Art Education in Europe, (FAFA, Helsinki)

'Garden Nomad: Artistic Journeying and Postcapitalist Subjectivity', Sanat Dünyamız, Istanbul
'Staying In - The Domesticisation of the Underground', HowDo Magazine, Bradford
'Same All Over? - Punk Identity (Politics) and Crusty Globalisation', No Globe Fanzine, Edinburgh
'A Serious Waste of Time', self-published art-book with Audio CD
'Brend - A Fanzine about the Politics of DIY and self-organised cultural activity', self-published Fanzine
'Come Together - Collectivity, Unity and Difference in Self-organised Music', HowDo Magazine, Bradford
'True Grit? – The Spectre of Authenticity in (Bradford’s) Underground Music', HowDo Magazine, Bradford
'No Doubt - Death of the Superunknown in Music', HowDo Magazine, Bradford

'Fifth Almanac - Next To Nothing', Black Dogs, Leeds

'Third Almanac - The House That Black Dogs Built', Black Dogs, Leeds
‘You’re Not Singing Anymore: Music, Rhythm and Social Change’, response to Elizabeth Price for Pavillion
‘No Pay To Play’, Rant for Axis Dialogue On-line Magazine

‘All the Fun of the (un)Fair’, Art Fair Publication
‘DIY-ing? It’s So Funny, How We Don’t Talk Anymore’, Shut Magazine, Leeds
‘The Dark Side of the Authentic in Underground Music’, Burnt Toast blog and publication, Leeds
‘Slacking as a Socially Transformative Activity’, contribution by invite to Slacker Summit at NEWS art blog,

‘Forever Young; Self-organisation in music, art and the institution’, Moot Points Catalogue. Glasgow
‘DIY Survival Kit’, Black Dogs participatory publication, Leeds
’Recreation; or, Life Outside Work’, Booklet Publication for Festival of Pastimes exhibition, Leeds
’Significant Pursuits’, Booklet Publication for Leeds Festival of Pastimes, Leeds

‘Bondage (on the streets) I-Spy Guide’, Accompanying publication for Light Night, Leeds
’Bring us Your Arms Leeds’, Archive publication for Your Arms! project, Leeds
‘Decoded Landscapes’, Decoded Landscapes Catalogue Text. Milton Keynes
‘The Avant-Garde in Leeds’, The Guardian

‘The Battle of the Immortalising Object’, Second Black Dogs Almanac, Leeds
‘The Role of Work and Play’, No Quarter Magazine, Leeds

various contributions, First Black Dogs Almanac, Leeds

2008-2012 PhD in Fine Art (practice-led, thesis on 'Art, Self Organised Culture and the Production of Postcapitalist Subjectivity'), University of Leeds
2007-2008 MA in Fine Art. University of Leeds, Distinction
2001-2005 BA(hons) Fine Art. University of Leeds, Honours Class 1.
2000-2001 Diploma in Foundation Studies, Leeds College Art and Design
1997-1999 A-level Art, English Lit, Psychology, Highfields Secondary School

Andy is a self-employed artist, musician and writer. He undertakes freelance lecturing and workshops (previous institutions including Leeds College of Art, University of Leeds, Spike Island, Islington Mill).

Since 2011 Andy has been Fellow in Music at University of Bradford see for info.

University Research Scholarship for PhD research and practice in socially engaged art

Arts and Humanities Research Council grant for MA research and practice in socially engaged art
Arts Council England grant to fund Your Arms! research and development

Arts Council England grant to fund research for collaborative book on ‘Talent’
Arts Council England grant for Black Dogs publication and exhibition
Arts Council England grant for research and development for four individual projects.
‘The First Black Dogs Almanac’ short-listed for inclusion in New Contemporaries.

£1000 prize from University of Leeds for most talented artist (Black Dogs).
Final 4 shortlist best dissertation in school of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.

Please email for full and up to date CV.

Founding member of Black Dogs artist collective 2003 - date
Founding member of Obscene Baby Auction DIY record label and music collective. 2001 - date
Director of Bradford Threadfest music and arts festival
Co-director for RECON music and arts festival
Steering group member for Art In Unusual Spaces
Editor/producer of The Mirrored Hammer, radio show and newspaper.
Club Secretary of Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club 2011 - 2013
Steering group member for Leeds Creative Timebank 2010 - 2013