Yvonne curated a series of exhibitions on a freelance basis for Mint Hotel Leeds (now Double tree by Hilton).

The first exhibition Yvonne curated in collaboration with Opera North, and comprised costumes and photograph's from their archive. Yvonne and Mint Hotel also commissioned a body of new works by photographer Giuseppe Lambertino following an artist residency in the hotel.
As Seen from the Wings was another project in partnership with Northern Ballet and brought together photography, costumes, model boxes and drawings from their archive.

Artist in Residence
Giuseppe Lambertino

Artist in Residence is an exhibition of newly commissioned works by photographic artist Giuseppe Lambertino. It is the latest in a programme of exhibitions in City Inn Leeds promoting the hotel as a site for contemporary artwork. Furthermore as the works are the result of a residency the exhibition demonstrates City Inn's commitment to supporting both contemporary modes of practice and artists' careers.

Yvonne Carmichael, the exhibition's curator, believes that art can go beyond the decorative or commercial by helping audiences to reflect on their environment and in so doing provoke a more considered and engaged relationship with these surroundings. As such the brief provided to Lambertino was that the subject matter of the work be based on the site of the hotel.

Lambertino stayed in City Inn Leeds for a week in March 2010 during which time he explored the hotel and its surrounding area recording scenes in line with his artistic concerns. The processes Giuseppe uses in his photography allow for the visual articulation of an overwhelming amount of detail, the enhancement of colours and a resulting painterly quality.

Giuseppe's thoroughly considered and painstakingly processed images transform ordinary scenes or places with a seductive sheen that reference yet exceed the commercial treatment of the urban landscape to which we are accustomed. They become strangely familiar portraits of often-overlooked places, that invite us to re-evaluate that which quietly exists beneath our noses.

Giuseppe documented behind the scenes of the hotel, views from the SkyLounge, as well as interior shots of the hotel and places of local and historical significance including Tower Works and Temple Mills in Holbeck.

Artist in Residence comprises 23 photographs selected from this period of research. They have been themed and are exhibited in various sites around the hotel: in the Reception, City Cafe, Granary Lounge, the First Floor Lounge and in the SkyLounge. Ask a member of staff if you need directions to any of these locations.

Photograph by Robert Workman