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That Fucking Tank is a band that operates on DIY principles; booking gigs, recording records and making music in a way that contributes towards the creation of alternative spaces to the boring mechanisms of 'industry', and challenging the assumption that 'good' music has to be made 'professionally' (i.e as a job).

That Fucking Tank was formed in 2004 for a one-off performance by friends-since-school Andy Abbott and James Islip who met over an owl.

Andy plays a specially tuned baritone guitar through guitar and bass amplifiers, James plays a minimal drum kit. Their novel name, energetic performances and manish volume saw them play all over Europe and the UK with brain-mangling regularity, sharing stages and tours with bands including Hella, Q and not U, Lungfish, Oxes, Unsane, Kid Commando, GI Joe, Chevreuil, Grabba Grabba Tape, Poltergroom, US Maple, Neptune, Whitehouse, AIDS Wolf, Vialka, Nervous Kid, Don Caballero, The Fucking Champs, Hoover and the like.

TFT released three albums and a 'live' best of on Gringo Records as well as number of EPs and singles on various independent labels available to stream in the discography section. TFT toured Europe a number of times, China once, performed at Leeds and Reading Festivals in 2008 when Metallica headlined, supported Foals on their UK and Eire tour of O2 Academy venues, and played their last live gig in October 2016 at a tribute gig to their friend and live sound engineer Archie.