James and Andy also play in other bands:

Nope. Psychedelic krautrocking by Andy and Steve from Mucky Sailor, Patrick from Monty Casino, and Nash from Cowtown/Runners.

Brass. Classic rock and progressive boogie from Andy (bass), Stef from Shield Your Eyes (guitar and vocals) and Doog from The Wow/Spy vs Spy (drums).

Elizabeth. Andy's solo improv/ambient/noise and acoustic stuff.

The Magnificent. James' punk band with chaps from The Dead Reckoning and ex-Buzzkills.

Jimmy Islip. James' solo singer songwriter stuff.

Downloads of Past Things

"The Album" by Kill Yourself - This album was recorded in Liverpool in a couple of recording sessions over 2003 / 2004. Robert Whiteley was at the helm. A couple of the tracks came out on 7"s but, sadly, the full album never saw the light of day. Kill Yourself was James Islip on drums, Andy Abbott on bass & Giles Bailey on guitar/vocals.

"Some Botty!"
by Eagle Eye - This song features James Islip playing synthesiser/vocals with Graham Pilling on guitar and Joseph Osborne on the drums. Never yet released.

"F1 Badger" (Full album)
by Mad Things - One of James and Andy's first musical efforts and still the best by a badger mile! Features James Islip on drums, Andy Abbott on bass, Matt Colmer on Vocals and Joe Osborne on guitar (both of Buzzkill). Summer of 1996 hardcore before our young teen minds knew what hardcore was.

"Live at the Brudenell"
by Massive Heron with Damo Suzuki - This entire live set features James Islip playing synthesiser/guitar, Andy Abbott on guitar, Dave Ronalds on effects trumpet, Richard "Moz" Morris on drums and Damo Suzuki on vocals. The gig happened on November 22nd 2006 at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. More Massive Heron on their myspace page.