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'They are a loud model of efficiency in rock music and are mindful of its performative aspect without having to mug for their crowd's attention. They have acted this out through DIY, anti-commercial channels, and presumably always will, because they uphold principles, and are surrounded (especially in their Leeds homestead) by like minds .. they riff hard and light a beacon for British do-it-yourself culture.'
The Quietus

Praise for 'A Document of The Last Set'

'Now with three rockin’ full lengths under their belts, ‘Tank have a wealth of hard-riffing classics to select a set from, and there’s lots of your favourites here, from the head-nodding psych-guitars-meet-acid-techno monster ‘Acid Jam’ to the pun-tastic closing trio of ‘Bruce Springstonehenge’, ‘Dave Grolsch’ and ‘Keanu Reef’. It’s a really well recorded performance and the pair are tight as a nut as they groove through their speedy repeato riffs with lively precision. All in all this live collection is a distillation of what That Fucking Tank do best, specifically combining the metronomic repetition of dance music with the clanging physicality of rock, and both long-term fans and newcomers will find their toe-tapping guitar and drum assault pretty irresistible.'
Norman Records 9/10

'Ten years into their career this band knows what it's doing and what it's doing is instrumentally rocking like mothers.'
Kerrang KKKK

Praise for 'TFT'

'Rivalling similarly swearily monikered The Fucking Champs in their tireless dedication to tearing math-rock an unholy new hole in the most irreverent manner possible, ‘TFT’ sees this agenda pursued even more avidly. ‘TFT’ never loosens its relentless deathgrip for a moment.'
NME 8/10

Praise for 'Tanknology'

'A two-man barrage of drums and guitar that sounds like war … contains the most righteous sound ever committed to tape. Lightning Bolt and Death From Above 1979 might have been rocking the bro beats’n’strings dynamic a few years back while That Fucking Tank were still largely unknown, but it’s our boys from Leeds who look set to be victors in the longer campaign.'
NME 8/10

'This new album is huge fun and could (but hopefully won't) have them on Jonathan Ross and a tour of Academy Venues by the end of the year.'
Whisperin' and Hollerin' 9/10