The 100 days of Documenta are now sadly finished - see below for some of the programme which ran in Paul Ryan's Pavilion.

Paul Ryans' Pavilion in Karlsaue Park, Kassel - (number 152 on the D13 map.)

Thursday 30.8_

from 12.30 pm onwards_ thread-workshop
guided by Chomnat Imerbsin a.o.

Saturday 1.9_

from 5 pm onwards_ thread-workshop
guided by the project’s student assistants
9 – 11 pm night jam!
guided by dancers Johanne Timm & Julek Kreutzer

sunday 2.9_

midday yoga with Jessy Tuddenham
wednesday 5.9_
3 – 5 pm movement & threeing workshop
guided by Julek Kreutzer & Johanne Timm

thursday 6.9_

12 – 2 pm movement research_improvisation
guided by Julek Kreutzer & Johanne Timm
friday 7.9_
3 – 5 pm word_text_speech & threeing workshop
guided by Linda Mayer


THURSDAY 23rd August

2 pm threeing sessions

3 – 5 pm threeeing Journey / threeing Reise

Beginning with a short physical warm-up, we come together into trios and work
on different interpretations of the threeing-method by Paul Ryan.Together we are
going to start a sensual journey that will move us from the pavilion into the
surrounding environment. / Nach einem physischen Warm-Up kommen wir in
Dreiergruppen zusammen und arbeiten mit unterschiedlichen Reformulierungen
der Threeing-Methode von Paul Ryan. Gemeinsam werden wir uns auf eine
sensorische Erkundungstour begeben, die sich aus dem Pavillion hinaus in die
Umgebung entfaltet.

6 pm ‘The Self in Dialogue with the Economy’
Discussion Series, In English

Event 2: Bateson and Laing: Double-binds and Knots - Thursday 23rd August
2012, 6pm at the Paul Ryan Pavilion (no. 152) Karlsaue Park
Participants: Marina Vishmidt (Writer), Marcos Lutyens (dOCUMENTA(13) Artist)
and Claire Hope (Organiser/ Introducer)

These events look at how the concept of the ‘dialogical self’ - the idea that ‘the
self’ is formed over time through dialogues with others – might support alternative
perspectives on life in contemporary capitalist economies. We often think of our
identities as being quite singular, but what would it mean to think of our ‘selves’
as being socially produced?

In this second discussion, ‘the self’ is discussed in relation to the ‘double-bind’
and ‘incompatible knot’; confusing patterns of communication identified by
Gregory Bateson and R.D. Laing in families of people experiencing
schizophrenia. Can these patterns of relating show us something about the
nature of the ‘dialogical self’?

The events are designed both to be accessible to a public audience and provide
a collaborative environment for exploring this theme. The events series is
inspired by the origins of the Paul Ryan project and organised by Claire Hope,
one of the research students working at dOCUMENTA(13).


SATURDAY 25th August

2 – 5 pm open threeing session

sunday 26_

9 – 11 pm focus-impro-jam at night! (with dance/movement)


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