Movement in the City: Research
Broadway and Public Spaces, Bradford. August 2013

Nirit Rechavi (a dancer from Tel Aviv) and Yvonne Carmichael undertook a week residency project exploring Bradford city centre through movement, performance and intervention, exploring various techniques and tactics for using the body in movement in public space. This involved presentations and group research as well as developmental workshops and skill sharing sessions.

Participants brought examples of their own work or documentation of performance, dance or movement projects that have been inspirational to share with the group for discussion and critique.


Juliet Davis, (Rennes, France)
Juliet is currently studying at MMU, Manchester and she showed various example of her work including publications, photography, instructional texts pieces and videos. Here is one video work exploring public spaces:

Sighing the city from Juliet Davis on Vimeo.

Nirit Rechavi talked about various workshops she has facilitated at Temporary Home, Kassel (Germany) and various festivals around the world. She showed a short clip of some footage which was shot for a music video.

Yvonne showed her latest (in progress) video project shot in an empty shop unit in Bradford - The Ballad of the Rawson Sisters

The Ballad of the Rawson Sisters from Yvonne Carmichael on Vimeo.

Vanessa Grasse introduced us to her work including audio walks, performance, publications and community mapping projects...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

PROJECTS BY OTHERS we discussed included:

Will Young's Losing Myself music video
Some seemingly simple choreography of everyday actions including teeth cleaning and shoe lace tying.

Physical Theatre Group DV8's The Cost of Living

Particularly looking at the repetition and then exaggeration of various gestures. 15m12s

Pina - The recent homage to choreographer Pina Bausch directed by Wim Wenders.

A short clip from the dance hall scene:

Choreographer and artist Beatrice Jarvis' practice is very relevant when looking at movement in public spaces:

Artist Linder Sterling recently exhibited collages and light boxes at the Hepworth, Wakefield. We watched the trailer for a performance which was make in collaboration with Northern Ballet. The collaged lycra costumes are particularly interesting. Well fabricated but also rather odd...

We also took a walk round the Goitside area of Bradford at some interesting spaces which will hope to explore in other sessions during the week. A map showing some of the places is below.

Additional Links:

I would highly recommend Performing the City, a pamphlet that includes a text by Nottingham based artist and writer Emma Cocker. It poetically but concisely details some of the issues around movement in public spaces which we have touched upon throughout the workshops.

'Attend to the smallest details of daily life for it is through the reworking of these patterns of habit and convention can be collapsed and reordered... Gestures can be gleaned and borrowed; fragments of everyday life isolated from their context, liberated from the laws of cause and effect.'

Emma Cocker, Performing The City, 2013

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