Movement in the City: Workshops by Yvonne Carmichael and Nirit Rechavi
Broadway, Bradford. 26th - 31st August 2013

A series of workshops led by Yvonne Carmichael and Nirit Rechavi exploring movement in public spaces in the city of Bradford.

Contributors included: Chemaine Cooke, Juliet Davis, Patrick Dowson, Vanessa Grasse, Ed Hartley, Bryony Pritchard, Daniel Patrick McNally, Michael Metcalfe, Sam Musgrave and Sophie Powell.

With thanks to Fabric.

Below is some documentation of the sessions.

Photographs taken by Adam Simons, Nirit Rechavi & Rose Borthwick.

Double 3-D shots taken by Pete Cuffe:

Movement in the City
from Yvonne Carmichael on Vimeo.







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