Alternative Strategies
The Light, Leeds. 16th - 31st March 2011

A previously unused space on the top floor of the light in Leeds will play host to a series of open discussions, screenings and workshops which stem from the desire to look creatively, critically and productively at different ways of approaching self organised Education and methods for building on and disseminating knowledge. From positions within and alongside the institution to engagements which seek to adapt and reform, and those which function completely outside the dominant model.

Self organisation as a way of empowering individuals and communities to engage with groups and activities which are more attuned to there interests and beliefs, And to shape there own experiences of living and learning.

Invited Groups/Individuals include:
Aesthetica (York), Black Dogs (Leeds), Creative Services (Edinburgh), Derek Horton (Leeds), Derive (Manchester), Ely Art School (Edinburgh), Free University of Liverpool, Islington Mill (Manchester) Leeds Salon, Line Magazine (Edinburgh), Millpond (Leeds), Really Open University (Leeds) more to be confirmed.

‘Alternative Strategies Temporary Space LEEDS’ is facilitated by aritists Rachael Claughton and Grace Harrison. It is to run alongside the 2011 interim exhibtion at Leeds College of Art (Vernon Street site off Millennium Square) The project intends to expose the many alternative educational platforms active in the city, bringing together groups and individuals with art as its departure point.

Calendar of Events
The Space will be open daily from noon. There will be a temporary Library of relevant texts and selected publications available to read and for free distribution. We are currently programming a series of workshops and screenings. Below is a list of confirmed events. Come at any time for a chat or alternatively half an hour prior to any event for a summary of previous discussions.

Friday 18th March 7pm. Open Discussion.
Within, Without: Critical action and the education institution. Talking with groups who have emancipatory, supplementary and subversive engagements with educational institutions.

Sunday 20th March 3pm. Open Discussion.
The contemporary state of Art Criticism: As the guiding voice of the critic becomes usurped by the opinions of the masses, do we need new pedagogical models to stimulate society towards an academic predilection? Or is the current ‘anything goes’ state of critique one to be celebrated?

Thursday 24th March 7pm. Open Discussion.
Education Cuts or Amputations? Will the recent cuts and tuition fee trebling serve to further privatise education, and deepen divisions for access to knowledge or stimulate an era where critical thought and discussion become dislocated from market forces making intelligence an unquantifiable product?

Tuesday 29th March 7pm. Open Discussion.
Alternative Education: approaching structure in independent, collaborative learning. When setting out to teach one another, how do we use structures which are useful to create continuity and feelings of mutuality in development without being limiting, prescriptive and static. Can we have structure without compromising on the ideological position of an alternative to institutional education. Are there structure that are responsive to analysis and action?

Thursday 31st March 6pm. Open Discussion.
The Big Society and The D.I.Y ethic. Self organisation, complicity and resistance to government policy in creative thought and action.

With thanks to The Light for use of the space.



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