Cinéma Corporel
Arch Z, Granary Wharf, February 2010.

An evening of experimental film, expanded cinema and live performance…

…Cinéma Corporel will bring together filmmakers, artists, and musicians in a unique location in the heart of Leeds to showcase explorative, experimental and playful approaches to performing with film and the moving image.

/ super 8 / video / 16mm film / projector performance / (de)generative film / installation / found footage / multiple projection / live reading / cut ups / tape loops / interactive celluloid / slides / performance / intervention / noise /

Featuring work by: Maria Anastassiou / Kerry Baldry / Violaine Bergoin / Joanna Byrne / Chris Paul Daniels / Chris Hall / Ian Harker / Robin Kiteley / Mark Pickles / Andrew Staveley / Harry Wheeler / Unravel / plus more TBC

“The haunting of the image and its fragile traces: not memory, record or preservation, but the living object, aging skin and decaying body…
…ephemeral cinema is the flicker of the breathing moment.” [Bradley Eros]

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