C I N E M A P O V E R A by OKO
Leeds Shopping Plaza. May 2010.

experimental film/expanding cinema [re-processed film/re-claimed time/re-cycled space]
16mm found footage workshop. Come and ransack the archives: join OKO filmmakers in creating a collective found-footage film and soundtrack

A-Game-of-Chess-2.1 - ‘The Waste Land’ by Chris Hall and Ian Harker
An expanded cinema performance of TS Eliot’s epic poem with live reading and musical accompaniment.
‘Against the backdrop of a devastated Europe with the portentous rise of nationalism, social fragmentation and growing economic turmoil, The Waste Land was written in an atmosphere of uncertainty and creative experimentation. This new interpretation of the poem finds a striking resonance in today’s confused and turbulent age of flickering images, financial crises, and permanent war.’
The Waste Land will be read as part of a multi-sensory expanded cinema performance incorporating live projection and a live performed soundtrack.

‘Spectres of the Spectrum’ by Craig Baldwin : plus films & live performances
Baldwin’s pioneering mash-up mines 50’s sci-fi, educational and industrial films, appropriated and re-born as a visionary sci-fi space/time travel epic: “Through an increasingly abstract montage of live action, archival film, broadcast video and ‘exploded’ interviews, the fantasy narrative warps into disjointed, abstracted, audio-visual phrases, suggesting the breakdown of personal ego/memory, historical representation, and, yes, of course, space/time itself.” [Canyon Cinema]

Plus found footage films and live performances: featuring ‘Old Man of the Mountain’ by Harappian Night Recordings: a collaboration between Syed Kamran Ali and Harry Wheeler

*Cinema Povera – meaning literally, ‘Cinema of Poverty’, plunders the archives of collective cultural memory to re-process the past and re-imagine our present/future in imaginative and inventive ways.

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