Drawing Time!
Leeds Corn Exchange. September 2010.

Drawing Time! is a live drawing extravaganza to take place in the magnificent Corn Exchange in Leeds. The event will bring together 46 artists who draw, ranging from traditional to experimental approaches to the medium, in a fun hour-long event. Everyone is most welcome to come and see the 46 artists at work on Saturday 31st July!

The event will make use of the circular structure of the Corn Exchange by having 46 pieces of paper displayed on the first-floor and each piece of paper will eventually have a drawing by a different artist. All the drawings will be done in the space in an hour.

Some parameters will be set for the drawing, the position in the building where the work will eventually hang will dictate how much time artists will get to make their drawing. That is, if positioned at 2 o’ clock the artist will get 5 minutes to make their drawing and if positioned at 10 o’ clock there will be 50 minutes.

It is hoped that this playful approach will highlight the joyous nature of drawing and allow an accessible entrance-point for the public into a variety drawing techniques. It will also be a great opportunity to bring together lots of interesting artists to discuss a medium.
All drawing will commence at 2pm.

The Schedule and the artists
2 mins 36 secs: Lee Machall / Miriam Thorpe
5 mins 12 secs: Rian Treanor / Joseph Buckley
7 mins 48 secs: Catherine Clarke / Nina Chua
10 mins 24 secs: Liz Murphy / Alison Herbert
13 mins: Michael Burkitt / Rozi Fuller
15 mins 36 secs: Sarah Jane Mason / Abraham Emajaro
18 mins 12 secs: Catherine Chialton / Tom Railton
20 mins 48 secs: Oliver Redding / Helen Harrop
23 mins 24 secs: Ian Jackson and Joshua Johnson / John Chamberlain
26 mins: Nick Claiden / Claire Bentley Smith
28 mins 36 secs: Neil “Women 158″ Parkinson / Mick Welbourn
31 mins 12 secs: Tim Curtis / Alice Bradshaw
33 mins 48 secs: The Pern / Bruce Davies,
36 mins 24 secs: Glyn Fairweather / Richard Shields
39 mins: Curse273 / Jordan Ramoth
41 mins 36 secs: Sami Graystone / Graham Pilling,
44 mins 12 secs: Andy Sykes / Freya
46 mins 48 secs: Kathryn Cooper / Matthew Shelton
49 mins 24 secs: Moenipulation / Benaiah Matheson
52 mins Hondartza Fraga / Peter Rice
54 mins 36 secs: Les Child / Kristyna Baczynsk
57 mins 12 secs: Steve Morant / Steve Nuttall
1 hour: Drew Millward / Jay Cover












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