Life is Probably Round by Joanna Aldoori
42 New Briggate. Feb - March 2010.

A performative sculptural investigation

Life is Probably Round is the attempt to re-enact a phenomenon recently discovered while the artist worked in her studio.

Presented within 42 New Briggate, the installation isolates the moment of discovery as an art piece in itself. Playing once again with the materials; water, plaster and wind, the final form expects neither success nor failure, simply another step in the development in the artist’s practice.

As a metaphor for the creative process itself, Life is Probably Round presents us never with a finale, but develops and teases, altering states over its duration. Its form changes, reliant on intelligent play, interaction and sympathetic to the chance developments that present themselves during the period of exhibition.

Text by Simon Boase

Image courtesy of the artist.

This will be the last project to take place in the 42 New Briggate unit. The space has hosted a number of projects since October 2006 and as of March 2010 it’s to be redeveloped by Leeds Grand Theatre. A big thank you to the Grand for use of the space.

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