Lost Property by Fine Artists from Leeds Art College
Leeds Shopping Plaza. May 2010.

Ever get that feeling you’ve lost something and not quite sure what it is? Get that vague feeling that there’s something not quite where it used to be?

Take some time out to visit our Lost Property show and check out our three spaces to see if you can find what you’re looking for in the work of 44 Fine Art students from Leeds College of Art.

See if you can grasp your lost property where dreams, the subconscious and memory are lost and found among missing and confused pathways.


Artists exhibiting: Leilani Aldcroft, Sameena Azam, Will Baker, Stef Barratt, Ruth Blower, Geri Callan, Jimmy Cave, Will Crabtree, Ahmed El Haddid, Duncan Fraser, Lucy Fudge, Izzy Furter, Beth Gadd, Josh Gibbs, Pollyanna Hodson, Chikae Howland, Sam Humble, Becky Johnson, Liam Kelly, Mel King, Robyn Lawrence, Nat Lorryman, Rhys Matthews, Amy McKeating, Miranda Mohit, Sam Morgan, Louie Mulhern, Holly Mulveen, Alex Nightingale, Alex Norcop, Michael Ormerod, Simon Phillips, Jonny Rawlin, Laura Rushton, Jessie Simmonds, Belle Skinner, Nic Tighe, Emily Towler, Naomi Wallis and Bobby West.





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