Mama’s Garden Words of Love by Tsendpurev Tsegmid
The Light. April 2010.

I haven’t seen my mama for 540 days. Not being able to see her as often as I want has created a big hole in my heart. My mama’s name is Bayarsanaa Sodnom and her big dream is to have a nice garden. In this project, I wanted to realise her dream by creating my interpretation of the garden and share it with the public. An adult making a tributary piece of art for his/her living parents is a very common gesture in Mongolia; there are countless songs, poems and art works dedicated exclusively to parents. It will be a site specific installation piece along with participatory performance focusing on mother’s love and words of love through letters.

The garden will be divided in sections to create trails of memories of her, using man-made materials and real flowers. Mama’s handwritten letters will be placed around the garden. The extracts of the letters will be translated in English, recorded and played. I will pose as a hostess of the garden dressed in my mama’s outfit, as her inferior extension and as an interpreter of her wise words. I will welcome people into the garden and offer a cup of tea and biscuits. People can sit down on chairs and relax in the garden. The piece is not intended to challenge anyone; in contrast, its main purpose is to engage with public. The expected final result is a blend of words, images, emotions, reactions and actions.

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