Now Then
Leeds Shopping Plaza. March 2010.

Giuseppe Lambertino, Kathryn Cooper, Leslie Child, John Scurrah, Jamie Wardley, Luke Owens, Tim Curtis working with Clapgate primary school.

‘Now Then’ is an exhibition of drawing, photography, sculpture and painting by artists with an intimate understanding of Leeds. Leeds was once described in a Victorian architecture journal as a city ‘of dull and depressing aspect’. The works in the exhibition – ranging from the fantastical conjoining of landmark and less-familiar buildings, to hyper-real photographs and meticulous sand sculpture – hope to challenge this view. Despite the range of processes and artistic approaches deployed, including collaborations in workshops with young people from South Leeds, a common thread runs throughout. The artists all attempt to reveal something fascinating and overlooked in the street scenes and skylines that will be familiar to Loiners and visitors to Leeds alike, offering the opportunity to take a fresh look at the city around you.

With thanks to Uriah Woodhead & Son Ltd (Bradford) for providing 1 tonne of sand for the sand for Jamie Wardley’s Sand Sculpture and to Land Securities for providing the space.

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