42 New Briggate. September - December 2010

SLICE is a collective who believe in collaboration and interaction between the art institutions of Leeds. SLICE welcomes the art students of Leeds to 42 New Briggate, a shop unit next to the Grand theatres box office in the centre of Leeds. For over two months the space hopes to become a hive of activity and collaboration, 42 New Briggate will change weekly into a work space, a gallery and a hub for the students of all the art institutions of Leeds. SLICE hopes that this programme will provide an opportunity for art students to make a connection with the city and other artists as well as an opportunity to make and present work.

SLICE Thursdays! A regular opening night for 42 New Briggate
6-8pm 30th Sept: welcometofortytwo. A welcome exchange and sharing evening, bring your art or make some in the space. 42 New Briggate is open showing art work from welcome event. Come down to the space and find out more about how to get involved.

1st Oct: Deadline for applications for artist residencies

8th Oct: SLIGHT: LIGHTNIGHT, Films by Leeds art students projected onto Parkinson Building and in 42 New Briggate.

16th Oct - 21st Oct: Tripled Glazed (1). The first artist residency – artists and artwork can be viewed through 42 New Briggate’s window. Audiences are invited into the space to view work created during the first artist residency with Claire Bellia, Verity English, Ollie Jenkins, Liam Wells

23rd Oct: Triple Glazed (2). The second residency. Leanne Watkinson, Sarah Johnson, Lester Drake, Paul Price, Matt Wheldon, Mike Burrell

30th Oct - 4th Nov: Triple Glazed (3) The third residency. Sam Sewell, Hannah Carpenter, Joe Frost, Henry Stanford, PollyAnna Hudson, Laurence Dorrington, Mike Winnard

6th Nov – 11th Nov: Triple Glazed (4) The fourth residency. Clara Walsh, Joe Whitney,
Alex Gilmore, Melanie King, Alex Dogdson, Michael Ainsworth, Ashleigh Owen

26th Nov – 2nd December: Encore will include documentation of the last two months activity in the space. A great opportunity to see what has been happening as well as contribute ideas for future projects. 6-8pm Thurs 2nd December: Finale: Closing of closing show

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