The Den Project by Laura Robinson and Liz Stirling
42 New Briggate. March - April 2010.

Excitingly artists Laura Robinson and Liz Stirling will be artists-in-residence in 42 New Briggate, a shop unit next to The Grand Theatre. The month of March will be used to make, collate and present research around Den Making.

About the Den Project
The Den Project initiates the construction of spaces of creativity inviting people to participate and contribute to the design and making of temporary environments, as a means of communicating that does not depend on one common spoken language. It celebrates the potential of temporary structures, a d.i.y aesthetic, assemblage and disassemblage, and the reusing of materials. As such the constructions become a focus of discussion that draws on such experiences as individual childhood memories, home-made construction methods, the necessity of shelter physically and psychologically, creativity as a means of exchange and communication that somewhere between all these connects what we can do universally.

42 New Briggate’s window space will be used to screen films from the project, and display documentation of the artists explorations in the gallery.





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