The Plaza Principle curated by Derek Horton and Chris Bloor
22nd October - 31st October 2010, In the former TK Maxx retail space of Leeds Shopping Plaza

The Plaza Principle will provide an opportunity to see a large-scale exhibition of contemporary art in Leeds, presenting the work of over forty young and established international artists. Exploiting the scale and architectural qualities of the abandoned TK Maxx store, the exhibition will present a wide range of contemporary art, with an emphasis on sculpture, installation, video, performance, and audio works. Times of recession have proved in the past to generate energetic and inventive
cultural activity, and this exhibition will reflect the austerity of its times, previewing on the eve of the announcement of what are expected to be the harshest of public spending cuts.

Located in the empty shell of a former shopping space, the project exists in the context of economic recession and customary attempts to disguise economic decline, commercial inactivity and property blight with a facade of cultural activity. The Plaza Principle will include attempts to create a critical framework within which to acknowledge and critique its own complicity in these processes. In doing so it will be a platform for young artists making work with commitment, energy and humour. Derek Horton is an artist, writer and publisher and Chris Bloor is an artist and the Head of Contemporary Art at Leeds Metropolitan University. They have collaborated for many years in art education, but this will be their first joint curatorial project.

The Plaza Principle artists are: Emma Alonze _ Maria Anastassiou _ Je Baak _ Richard Baines _ Simeon Barclay _ Kirsty Bell _ Kelvin Brown _ Leah Capaldi _ Callum Cooper Critical Writing Collective_ Chris Paul Daniels _ Bruce Davies _ Rebecca Davies _ Disrupt Dominant Frequencies (Daniel Simpkins & Penny Whitehead) _ Ainara Elgoibar _ Steven Emmanuel _ Alex Farrar _ Ben Fowler _ Esmee Geerken _ Justin Gosker _ Andy Hopkins _ James & Anthony Hunter _ Jan-Lun Lee _ Philip McHugh _ Fiona McKillop _ Lot Meijers _ Nathaniel Mellors _ Rob Menzer _ Charlotte A Morgan _ Kate Morrell _ Helen Murgatroyd _ Emily Musgrave _ No Fixed Abode (Robert Quirk & Terry Slater) _ oko _ Claire Potter _ Martyn Rainford _ Eoin Shea _ John Slemensek _ Joe Sunderland _ Tony Tevez _ Sophie Titherington _ Jill Townsley _ Tom Williamson _ Chris Woodward

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