Transformations at 1 in 12 Club for British Science Festival ‘After Dark’
Tuesday 8th September 2015, 6pm - Late

The 1 in 12 Club, 21-23 Albion St. BD1 2LY

In Summer 2015 Art In Unusual Spaces invited visual artist Jean McEwan; writer Javaad Alipoor; musicians Seth Bennett, George Murray and Aby Vulliamy; and dancer Chemaine Cooke to use Gallery II, University of Bradford as a space in which to develop new work.

The residencies became a game of consequences where each resident left something in the space for the next to work from; creating a loose collaboration and showing the process of transformation from one idea and discipline to the next.

This evening you are invited to see the results of the residency across the three floors of the 1 in 12 Club with repeated performances between 6pm and 10pm.


Visual artist Jean McEwan used her residency in the Gallery to play with making alterations to discarded, donated, found and purloined objects and imagery, which took the form of collage and assemblage works. These have made an installation the 1 in 12 Club café.

The Bennett Murray Vulliamy Trio have devised a series of parameters for improvisations that explore a diverse range of scientific phenomena including cell mutation, metamorphosis, episodic memory failure and the time travel conundrum. Their live performance in the Library will present further explorations of this series of improvised musical experiments. A CDR will be available which documents previous versions of their test results, produced in Gallery II during their residency.


Theatre-maker Javaad Alipoor used the residency to develop conversations with community groups and put together a spoken word show about colonialism, translation and what powerpoint looks like, if you don’t have any slides.


Chemaine Cooke took influences from gestures present in Jean’s collage work and musical influences of Bennett/Murray/Vulliamy to develop movement in her Gallery II residency. Chemaine will share a 20-minute improvised movement solo over three pieces of recorded music by Bennett/Murray/Vulliamy. The structured improvisation will work with themes of the body, identity, and the transformation of oneself. Movement will work from purely anatomical place to gestural dance with slow to tripping light energy.

From 10pm the bar will be open with some well-selected tunes from 1in12 Club DJs.

Made possible with kind support from British Science Association, University of Bradford and Arts Council England.

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