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One of the most thrilling and intense bands residing in our fair, bustling city of Leeds. This ferocious four-piece mix in some of the meatiest, furry rock riffs to the riot of sound. I've heard literally tons of psych bands in the last few years. None have quite that verve, imagination, heaviosity or spirit NOPE have.

9/10 Norman Records

Nope are masters at finding one brilliantly brain-lodging guitar hook and pounding it into the ground, extracting every last nuance and leaving it in a squalling mush.

The Skinny

Revision is a powerful, confident, inspiring and frequently stunning collection of psych-rock. If you want to hear something fresh, vital and untouched by the often cynical world of 'mainstream' music than you really have to hear Revision. Just say 'yes' to the seductive powers of the mighty Nope - experimental, psychedelic rocks answer to The Travelling Wilburys.

9/10 Soundblab

Nope have a monster on their hands here; it’s a concept album with menace and joy in equal measures. They brandish their arms of riffs, drones and repetitive beats and can stand shoulder to shoulder with peers like Gnod and Cave but also legends from the past like Loop, Neu! and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Gold Flake Paint

Intelligent and brilliantly structured … truly gripping throughout.

Counterfeit Magazine

Name-your-price download of 'Live at Brudenell' 2014

Stream of 'Walker' and link to buy Gatefold Vinyl 2014

Name-your-price download of 'Revision' 2012

Free download of Whitewood Studios Sessions 2010