Andy Abbott

In 2012 Andy was awarded his practice-led PhD from the University of Leeds with a thesis on ‘art, self-organised cultural activity and the production of postcapitalist subjectivity’. Recent and forthcoming writing includes articles and book contributions on the creative case for Universal Basic Income.

His research, commissioned articles and catalogue texts have been published by Bloomsbury Academic; Sanat Dünyamız, Istanbul; FAFA, Helsinki; and Castlefield Gallery, Manchester. Andy has presented his research at conferences across Europe as well as organising the Just Do(ing) It symposia on the politics of artist-led activity and underground music in Sheffield and Bradford. He was the editor of the publication The Mirrored Hammer and the presenter of its sister radio programme on BCB 106.6fm.

A selection of recordings, essays, papers, presentations and articles are below.

UNIDEE Residency Programs is the educational program for art and social change founded at Cittadellarte Fondazione-Pistoletto in Biella, Northern Italy in 1999. This publication documents and reflects on the collective experiences and learning generated by the 2020 - 2022 programme investigating ‘embedded arts practices’ curated by Andy Abbott. Click image for PDF or purchase a copy at UNIDEE 2020 – 2022: Reflections on Embedded Arts Practice Handbook

We’ll Start All Over Again: Embedded Arts Practice and the Post-industrial North - article for Corridor8 (2021)

Embedded Practice and the Future of (Art) Work - blog series for In-Situ (2020)

From DIY to UBI: The Political Horizons of a Gig Guide Pamphlet - chapter in Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer (Bloomsbury Academic 2021)

Radical Resonances: Art, Self-organised Cultural Activity and the
Production of Postcapitalist Subjectivity; or, Deferred Self-Inquiry of a
Precarious Artworker, 2008 – 2011.
- PhD Fine Art Thesis (2012)

The Radical Ethics of DIY in Self-organised Art and Cultural Activity
- presentation for public art and self-organisation conference (2012)

Staying In: The Domestication of the Underground
- article for How Do?! Magazine (2012)

No Doubt: Death of the Superunknown in Music - article for How Do?! Magazine (2012)

FOREVER YOUNG: Self-organisation in Art, Music and the Institution - Essay for 'Moot-Points: Exercises in Self-Organisation, Discourse and Collaboration' exhibition at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2008)

Recreation; or, Life Outside Work - Exhibition/event pamphlet (2008)

Fear of the Dark: USA hegemony and reevaluations of the local in Punk and Indie - for Niche Homo fanzine (2007)

The Role of Work and Play in the Revolution of Everyday Life - Ba Fine Art Dissertation (2005)

The Mirrored Hammer: DIY Special by Andy Abbott on Mixcloud