Andy Abbott

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Heavy Metal Bell Pits (first exhibited at PSL, Leeds as part of Pieces of Eight, 2012) comprises three triptychs - each a photograph, score and video documentation of a performance - resulting from an extended interest in the Bell Pits of Baildon Moor, their acoustic properties and the emergent study of geomusicology.

Songs from the end of the industrial era (the early stirrings of Heavy Metal in 1970s Birmingham) are transcribed, interpreted and performed in a style proper to the era in which the Bell Pits were created (they being the remnants of the primitive forms of iron-ore mining). Andy is interested in the awkward cracks, gaps and excesses that are produced in this translation.

Performances filmed by Matt Green. Audio recorded by Andy Abbott. Thanks to the performers Kate Zezulka, Artfarmers ( and The Bradford Singers ( and to PSL for their support.