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Gallery II Arts Lab 2017
Between January and March 2017 Gallery II at University of Bradford hosts its third Art Lab. Individuals and groups from a variety of disciplines have been invited to use the Gallery as a space in which to share ideas; show and develop new work; foster new collaborations; and plan long-term projects. For this Lab we are particularly interested in artists, musicians and creative practitioners working with technology in creative and critical ways - particularly with augmented and virtual reality, mobile devices and cyberspace - and research and practice around labour theory, alternative economies, and feminist and autonomous activity.

Artists and practitioners include:

Natalie Diddams (sessions throughout January - March)
Feminist activist and theatre maker Natalie Diddams who, along with stand-up comic and academic Kate Fox, will host a series of fortnightly comedy workshops for women. The workshops offer a lively and practical introduction to comedy in a safe, women-only space. The workshops are for anyone that identifies as a woman. No prior experience or knowledge of comedy is necessary. Participants must be over the age of 18. Please note: the max group size is 20 so it is important to sign up (please call Natalie on 07800884956 or email n.diddams@yahoo.co.uk if you’d like to be put on the list).

Jacqui Griffin and Peter Ippolito (23rd Jan - 5th Feb)
Brother and sister team Jacqui Griffin and Peter Ippolito who will collaborate across the Atlantic to develop digital technology that visualises invisible sensory activity. Peter is a psychology student and Jacqui is a filmmaker who set up last year’s successful Drunken Film Festival. Working with apps, projections and facial recognition software the pair aim to create a mass visual representative of the human experience. They plan to use the Gallery as a space to record and test work, creating an interactive environment that passers-by are welcome to engage in.
Emily Rusby (6th - 12th Feb)
Manchester based visual Artist Emily Rusby will use her time at the Art Lab to further her research stemming from Trebor Schulz’s theories around digital labor and the internet as playground and factory. In particular to develop further the idea that play and work have become intertwined generating vast incomes for the few who have the power over the information and data we produce. Previously Emily has created works using vending machines as representations/interpretations of ‘the machine’ autonomously releasing information to consumers for capital. She hopes to come away with ideas to create new work as well as using the gallery to test ideas that visitors, other practitioners, academics and students can engage in.
UNIT (13th Feb - 5th March)
The collective UNIT will use the lab to test ways in which to raise, from within, an oppositional voice to the divisive political rhetoric around hard-working families. Their project ‘Driving to a Postcapitalist Future’ combines public research and sharing sessions about labour movements and automation in the workplace - looking at current global struggles as well as Bradford’s history of workers struggles - with the development of a child-powered vehicle and interactive sound installation. The results hope to reduce the alienation that gallery visits with young children often entails and become a useful tool for the Gallery and University.
Romily Alice (6th - 12th March)
Leeds-based multidisciplinary artist Romily Alice works predominantly with neon and digital technology exploring the relationship between the digital landscape and women's bodies. To accompany her ‘Always Turned On’ exhibition at South Square Gallery, Thornton she will use Gallery II to test new interactive works and develop a zine inviting responses to its themes. These include objectification, media, beauty standards, body image, pornography, sexual agency, the internet and safe spaces which Romily intends to open up to wider conversation with the public and the University’s communities.