38b is an occasional series of exhibitions and events programmed by Luke Drozd and Eva Rowson in their flat in Peckham, London.

38b: 'old shit, new start' sale!
Sunday 27 January
38b Peckham Rye, SE15 4JR

In spring 2019, after 10 years, with over 40 exhibitions, gigs, magazine launches, radio broadcasts, book fairs all taking place in this tiny living room and the joy of working with over 100 amazing artists and many more friends at 38b to make it happen - we are sadly moving on.

And we also sadly can't take everything with us. So we'll be open on Sunday 27th Jan 12-6pm with a 38b jumble sale! Do you need... kitchen supplies, artist books, other books, clothes, ornaments, shoes, sparkly things, odd things, things you never knew you needed but just might fall in love with...? Then come round!

We'll also be 'polishing off' the remains of the 38b cocktail cupboard throughout the afternoon...

Come by! Say bye!