38b is an occasional series of exhibitions and events programmed by Luke Drozd and Eva Rowson in their flat in Peckham, London.


C A P G r o s

New paintings by Michael Lawton

AT 38b Projects | 38b Peckham Rye | London | SE15 4JR

Opening event: Friday 20 July // 6-9pm - with beers from our pals at Partizan Brewing
Exhibition continues: Saturday 21 – 22 July // 12-6pm

In 38b's living room, our friend Michael Lawton will be showing paintings made last year in Barcelona, Spain - all of which come from his encounters with the Romanesque art of Catalunya and presented here as part of his PhD research at the University of Kent.

In these semi-abstract paintings, motifs of hands, mountains, leaves, feathers, trees, limbs recur: imagery he has taken from drawings made in front of these murals. Alongside the paintings Michael will present a text, representative of his hypothesis that the best writing to accompany an artwork is a work of fiction. This text, MORTA DELLA, was written for the same Romanesque artworks and will be present in the form of a risograph publication containing the narrative and prints of four of the drawings.

Michael is an artist and writer working with painting and fiction. In his work he is most interested in translation, that is in the conversion of something from one form or medium into another, and more specifically in the gaps between these, what is lost, or what is left behind when one moves between languages, or between art forms.

This interest in translation exists in its traditional sense; Michael writes from English to Spanish to Catalan and back again in his fiction, but in a wider sense too; in translating the verbal into a painting, or a painting into a fictional text, or in fictionalising his life in his painting and writing.

He now lives in Barcelona, but we miss him in Peckham.