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Posters Fo' Sho'
21 May - 5 June 2011
Five Years, London

From pasted up street propaganda to modern billboard advertising, from lo-fi photocopies to screen-printed editions, some of the most creative visions come from the world of the poster, a tool to inform, manipulate, educate, inform and entice.

Posters Fo’ Sho’ explored the poster as both art-form and advert. At the invitation of Five Years members Mike Murphy & Kelly O'Connor, 38b asked artists, designers and makers to create a poster which served to both form the show's body of work as well as the tool with which to promote it.

The posters had to contain the title, location and dates of the exhibition, but participating artists were invited to do or say what they wished with all other creative content and interpretation...Fo’ Sho’

Artists involved:
Craig Barnes, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Lindsey Bull, Nic Burrows and Will Edmonds (Nous Vous), Colin Clark, Patrick Coyle, Luke Drozd, Ryan Duggan, Morag Keil & Manuela Gernedel, Michael Lawton, Jordan Marani (Hell Gallery), Jasiek Mischke, Jenny Moore, David Orme, Mike Ryder, Andrew Sunderland, Telegramme Studio, and Zeloot

Five Years is an collaborative artists' project consisiting of a membership of twelve contributors. Visit Five Years at Unit 66, 6th Floor, Regent Studios, London, E8 4QN or see their website for more info: www.fiveyears.org.uk

Posters Fo' Sho' at Five Years 2011