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Patrick Coyle and Rita Evans - A Very Special Episode
An evening collaboration of performative, visual and sonic artworks
30 September 2010
38b Peckham Rye, London

A Very Special Episode brought together artists Patrick Coyle and Rita Evans for a one-off re-imagining of two of their works Alphabetes and Irrational Rhythms (after Frank Zappa), performed together allowing for unexpected elements of overlap and slippage.

Patrick Coyle
Alphabetes is a performance in which Patrick attempts to explain a selection of both intentional and accidental mis-readings. This ramble through twenty-six images and objects is delivered from memory, while the audience is provided with a script.

Rita Evans
This performance continued from The Disembodied Sound and Light Orchestra shown at the Chelsea School of Art MA show in 2010. A sculptural performance that is different every time it plays, the DS&LO combines structures, sound, a human audience and the immediate acoustic environment and is recorded by a silent colour ‘measure’ or ‘living score’.

For this performance, Rita combined Brain Drain (three Platonic shapes made from ice and paint slowly dripping into a container of Alka-Seltzer and contact microphones), The Cube HQ (a white cube made from sound-absorbing material in the centre of the room), Irrational Rain (Iron Brew dripping from a structure onto the adjoining drum's taught skin surface, captured by a microphone inside the drum) and The Emergency Services (a microphone planted outside the window transferring the sounds of Peckham Rye live into the performance space).