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Technically Wrong. Top floor of Pizza Express, White Cloth Hall, Leeds, 1st - 12th November 2004

The second Black Dogs exhibition saw a return to Leeds' White Cloth Hall and the development of ideas around work, participation, and the key question: "How are YOU spending YOUR time?"

Themes of productivity, interactivity, endurance and menial work were brought out through objects, video, 2-D work and a vending machine.

Press release:

‘Technically Wrong’ is the sequel art exhibition to last year’s unprecedently successful and much talked-about ‘Arte Et Labore’. Like all sequels it promises to delve deeper, deliver more action, be funnier, cleverer, more fun and will generally raise the standard of a perfectly good thing to unimaginable levels. Now with added woman, ‘Technically Wrong’ brings you exotic tales from mainland Europe about despair, love-luck and squashed pets, then shoves them in a tacky vending machine. ‘Technically Wrong’ whittles down trees into posh pens and makes a sandy sea-side mess out of pure rock. ‘Technically Wrong’ projects films onto slabs of concrete – in a restaurant! ‘Technically Wrong’ shows you how to make your own stadium seating out of materials gathered from organised heists on local DIY superstores. ‘Technically Wrong’ promises to teach you things you never knew you wanted to know AND get you drunk out of your mind. Children welcome.