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Contraband. March 2013, St Pauls Street, Leeds (as part of Divided We Fall Festival) and 5th May, Kirkgate Centre, Shipley (as part of ANTE exhibition).

Have you ever attempted to bring a little joy, a sparkle of entertainment or a taste of home into the arid environment of the workplace only to have it taken away from you, banned, stolen, locked in your boss’ drawer for being fun, distracting, dangerous, or just too clever for its own good?

Black Dogs ‘Contraband’ presents a series of images and stories of items lost to the workplace: books, hooks and claws, pineapples, penknives and an ‘I am a Twat’ mug. Blurring the lines between the everyday and the fantastical, the real and the fictional, the historical and the speculative, Black Dogs ask: what naughtiness can be achieved by the most innocuous of means?