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The House That Black Dogs Built (2010)

A 36-page fanzine with a hand screen-printed cover and free gift on the first 99 copies. The publication arose from Black Dogs' invitation by Littoral to undertake a long weekend residency in the Lake District near Kurt Schwitters' Merz Barn. Amongst eating, drinking and a bit of walking we found time to discuss what a structure that represents Black Dogs currently might look like.

The fanzine expounds on this notion via images, diagrams, writing, recipes, games and info. Want to know how to bleed a capitalist radiator or grow a carrot in a welly? Ever wondered what's kept in Black Dogs' attic or what keeps them awake at night? Need tips on what dogs might best co-exist and work together?

Whilst the answers might not all be here such questions are illustrated and playfully pondered over in this quickly turned around fanzine that aims to be a snapshot of Black Dogs concerns in late 2010.