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Poles. 14th - 15th December 2012, Minerva Works, Birmingham.

Black Dogs presents a two-part installation reflecting on the complex and messy dynamics of the festive period. In part one, the audience are invited to navigate the Garden of Unwanted Gifts, a graveyard of all the presents that were ‘not quite right’, accompanied by signs and anecdotes that explain the reason for their redundancy. Those that endure the journey are rewarded with part two; a short sharp shock of intensified Christmas spirit that distils the sugary warmth of time spent celebrating with friends and family. The subject matter has been informed by a public call for anecdotes and stories on gifts and journeys. The audience are invited to contribute their own tales at the end of the experience. Whilst Black Dogs are sceptical of the idea that there is any one true meaning to the festive period, we hope this installation brings you a step closer to finding your own.

Commissioned and supported by MAAP.