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Massive Tiny Art Shanty (Andy Abbott and Dave Ronalds). Part of Situation Leeds 05, Patrick Studios, Burmantofts, Leeds, June 2005

Massive Tiny Art Shanty, a project by Andy Abbott and Dave Ronalds, was distributed and constructed throughout May 2005 culminating in an installation for Situation Leeds in the project space of Patrick Studios.

A development of an idea by Jon Hornsby, the intention of which was to provoke an audience response with a pack of 6 postcards. Black Dogs' response was to turn the postcards into tiny building blocks with which you can create miniscule buildings and town-scapes.

The postcards were sent out around a local community or target audience with useful writings and instructions on how to cut them up, fold and glue them to make little developments. Once the participant had created their building/s they were invited to install their handiwork in a designated space, in this instance a section of floor in the Patrick Studios Project Space. The artwork is both the search for an audience that will positively respond to the postcards and a final installation. If the former fails the latter is sadly lacking.

Would the full 1000 packs of postcards be transformed and brought to the space to create a sprawling cardboard metropolis or will they end up in the bin and leave a small-scale nuclear wasteland with a couple of sad cubes? In either case, the resulting construction upon this imaginary land stands as a small representation of the level of creative engagement of the citizens of a living city.