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The Long Wish of Christmas Night (2007)

Comprised of fold-out poster, book and DVD

In December 2006 Black Dogs facilitated 'Larry Through the Pint Glass - A Magical Journey Through Artland' an evening of stupidity and participation at the Brudenell Social Club in Hyde Park, Leeds. Throughout the night all manner of horse-identifying, trampoline sketching and pant-escaping were bullied into the call and response framework of the Great British pantomime. As part of the nights' goings on, audience members were asked to contribute to collective books, the best of which were presented on the 'big screen' as the grand finale to the Panto. Black Dogs promised to publish the best of the books, Sue Ball's "The Long Wish of Xmas Night", and subsequently their next publication, launched at the Bunker art gallery in LS6, is their fulfilment of this debt.

The publication of "The Long Wish of Xmas Night" is (through subversive ISBN rule-warping) an actual DVD documentary of the night playable on your telly-set. It might only last 10 minutes but its life affirming qualities are squared by the inclusion of a replica of Sue Ball's winner-zine (as an elaborate insert) and its ultimate scarcity of 100 copies making it simultaneously eBay gold and art market speculative sensibleness. Go for it today as tomorrow you might not be able to.

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