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Black Dogs Audio Almanac, Released June 18th, 2010

The Audio Almanac is a compilation of songs, music, recordings, collages and aural oddities produced by individuals with varying degrees of affinity with the epithet 'artist,' compiled and produced by Leeds-based artist collective Black Dogs.

Whilst not every contributor can be said to be wholly comfortable with their individual works framing as a piece of art, Black Dogs are keen to point out that the enjoyment and attention spent in the close-listening to and immersion in this product could be considered an artistic act. Whereas in the past they have described the books produced by the collective as an exhibition between covers, in this instance you are invited to imagine the record as an exhibition on a turntable.

The Tracklisting is as follows:

1. David Steans - My Fellow Artists 3 (3:43)
2. Rory Macbeth - Imagine All The People (2:37)
3. Filthy Turd - Fish Ejaculate Escapes The Net (1:59)
4. Gareth S Brown - Turtosimian Pilgrims Distracted by Rutting Insects (3:12)
5. Niche Homonoid - Baby Come Home (2:08)
6. German Bite - Seven Part Fanfare (2:54)
7. Lawrence Abu Hamdan - Role Play Exercise for Courtroom Interpreters (3:53)
8. Bistrow and Lloyd - Are you who you think you are? (3:00)
9. Vialka & Xiao He - DongXi (2:10)
10. The 712th Human Performance Wing - Rules for the Map (4:16)
11. Luke Drozd - Pussy Cat (2:02)
12. Michael Burkitt -View of Delft (2:34)
13. James Islip - Job Interview (2:04)
14. Stuart Bannister - Wounded Kite at 2:58 (2:58)

The Audio Almanac is released in a limited edition of 300 copies on white vinyl with 32-page 12" booklet and free CD version.

If you wish to own a copy of the Audio Almanac you can purchase one from us for £18 (postage in UK included).