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Bilge, or 'The Pump', take your pick, have been together forever. Well, since the mid-nineties when they started in Hyde Park, Leeds as a Butthole Surfers style noise effort with a drum machine. Later they were joined by respected drummer and member of Baby Harp Seal, Polaris, Solanki and these days Quack Quack, Neil Turpin who it would seem was the only match for Joe's outlandish and pant-tighteningly inventive guitar buggery and Emlyn's effortlessly cool bass and deadpan vocal delivery. Joe makes the amplifiers that they play through which often meant they sounded better than anyone else but that could be because they play better than anyone else also. Bilge have pretty much defined and ruled the LS6 DIY scene for the last decade. Here's to a few more. Oh yeah, etc.

Their recorded output amounts to a self-released 7-inch, a split picture disc 7-inch with Brown Owl (Obscene Baby Auction) and an appearance on 'Brand New Gay Scene' (OBA) and two albums and an EP available through Gringo Records.

Appearances on: LOT 002, LOT 005