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LOT 006
Old Baby Sex Scene

Format: 12-inch screen printed black vinyl, screenprinted paper bag sleeve, with 36-page booklet

Isambard Kingston Brunel (London), The Unpleasants (Leeds), Monster Killed by Laser (Leeds), Lords (Nottingham/Derby), That Fucking Tank (Leeds), Soeza (Bristol), The Unit Ama (Newcastle), McWatt (Leeds), This Aint Vegas (Sunderland), Little Girl with Cherries (Nottingham)

Release date:
July 2004

Run: 500 copies

'We originally wanted it to be a 7-inch by a new band from Nottingham we had organized a gig for called Lords who featured members of Wolves of Greece, Reynolds and Twinkie by and whose Captain Beefheart, Groundhogs and ZZ Top style rockings had blown us away. As time moved on we decided to expand the release and make our second compilation record; LOT006 ‘Old Baby Sex Scene’. This record was meant to serve a similar purpose to ‘Brand New Gay Scene’ and bring together a lot of the bands that we had organised gigs for or who were playing regularly in Leeds. The line-up included Isambard Kingston Brunel, The Unpleasants (solo project from Gaz previously of Canvas), Monster Killed by Laser (a band that had only recently started playing DIY gigs in Leeds originally from Wakefield), Lords, That Fucking Tank, Soeza (of Bristol), The Unit Ama (ex-Crane and Four Frame from Newcastle), McWatt (with a previous member of Headache from Leeds), This Aint Vegas and Little Girl with Cherries from Nottingham who sadly disbanded by the time the record came out in June 2004.

For the artwork we made use of Leeds College of Art and Design’s print workshop and the generosity of Mick Welbourn who helped make the screens, did some of the printing and supervised James and I as we screen-printed both sides of the 500 records, and the paper bags that we had bought to house them. The record came with a booklet of short stories and writing contributed by people mostly involved in the DIY music scene that had been laid-out by Graham. It was a nice package but when it came to actually assembling the records we realised that the paper bags were a little tight for both the record and the booklet and the job took a huge amount of time to put together. Luckily for me I was otherwise engaged that afternoon.

To celebrate the release of the record we had a big gig featuring nearly all of the bands at The Fenton in Leeds. The gig was superb and completely rammed for most of the day with a sterling performance by Lords who covered ‘A Love Supreme’. A table football table that I had made out of found and free materials for a Black Dogs art exhibition was also installed in the gig room and we had a bloody good old time. Despite the sizeable turnout and the quality of the gig we sold only a handful of records. Possibly its incredibly fragile packaging and 12” size didn’t make it look too appealing as an accessory for a night on the piss. Also we pressed 500 of these rather than our usual 300 which might explain why it’s the only OBA release of which I still have a few copies left.'

<a href="http://obscenebabyauction.bandcamp.com/album/lot-006-old-baby-sex-scene">Isambard Kingston Brunel - The Greatest Neverending Story Ever Told! by Obscene Baby Auction</a>