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Kill Yourself formed in 2001 comprising of Giles Bailey playing guitar and singing, James Islip playing drums and me (Andy Abbott) playing fretless bass. We had a 90's Chicago Am Rep/Touch and Go 'Big Noise' sound with dirty amp-frying bass, pounded drums, scratchy guitar and yelped vocals that were in later days sung through a gas-mask mounted with a conference mic. Live we were theatrical and to some a little disturbing, often playing in nowt but our underwear, wearing animal masks and climbing around on things. We were also fucking loud.

Between 2002 and 2005 Kill Yourself toured the UK a handful of times with J*R, The Wow, This Aint Vegas and The Chinese Stars, and Europe three times with The Wow, This Aint Vegas and Isambard Kingston Brunel. In 2005 Kill Yourself stopped playing live due to logistical difficulties posed by the geographical spread of its members. We have one as yet un-released album that will appear here shortly.

You can now find Andy and James playing in That Fucking Tank whilst Giles sang for a while in Danananaykroyd and fronted Triple School.


2002: Split 7-inch with J*R (Obscene Baby Auction)
2002: Appearance on 'Brand New Gay Scene' compilation 10-inch (Obscene Baby Auction)
2003: Split 7-inch with Humanfly (Obscene Baby Auction/Decavity)
2003: 'Soft Touch of Man EP' 12-inch (Obscene Baby Auction) and CD (Gringo)
2004: Split 7-inch with This Aint Vegas doing Devo covers (Jealous)
2004: Split 7-inch with Early Humans (Audacious Art Experiment)
2004: Self-titled 7-inch (Obscene Baby Auction)

Kill Yourself also recorded an album that never got released but due to the wonders of the digital age you can listen to and download it from here: Kill Yourself The Album.

Appearances on: LOT 001, LOT 002, LOT 003, LOT 004, LOT 007