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LOT 011

Format: 12-inch heavyweight vinyl in gatefold sleeve

Band(s): Nope (Leeds/Bradford)

Release date: June 2012

Run: 300 copies (first 100 strawberry swirl vinyl)

Notes: Revision is the debut album from Leeds/Bradford psych-rock four-piece NOPE. Themed around a loose concept of a post-apocalyptic industrial revolution on the Yorkshire moors and valleys, the six tracks that comprise this 45-minute album reflect an epic intent. NOPE deploy rhythm, repetition, drones, double-drumming and big riffs to hypnotic head-nodding effect occupying the musical territory between minimalist Krautrock, psychedelic shoegaze and fist-pumping noise and alternative hard rock, drawing diverse influence from Neu!, Spacemen 3, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Melvins, Boredoms and The Smashing Pumpkins along the way.

NOPE’s roots lie in the UK DIY/underground rock scene; the band features members of That Fucking Tank, Runners, Cowtown and Mucky Sailor. Revision was recorded by Matt J of Hookworms notoriety in his studio, Suburban Home in Leeds over the course of a couple of weekends. This limited edition vinyl and download release is a collaboration between two long-running DIY labels, Obscene Baby Auction and The Audacious Art Experiment. The album is packaged in a gatefold sleeve with mind-mashing collage artwork by Leeds-based filmmaker and artist Eoin Shea to enhance the immersive qualities of the record.


1. Black Mask // 2. Porous Spile // 3. Todmorden // 4. Behind the Skullbong //
5. Pentrich Rising // 6. Crooked Staff