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Bristol's Soeza were very well loved in Leeds. They must have formed around the same time as Bilge Pump in the mid nineties and played with that first wave of post-hardcore emo-rock that Leeds 6 was known for. In the early 2000's when we were organising gigs for them you could never be sure exactly what the band's line-up would be. Sometimes they had two drummers and a brass section, at others they played as a more stripped down line-up. I think it depended on who could travel up or get time off work. Their best performances had me totally enthralled, especially when the duel vocals of Jenny and Ben took full hold. They were also a beautiful thing to watch when all present, never chaotic despite the amount of musicians crammed into spaces made for much smaller bands.

They still play, but now with a slightly changed line-up and have a record or two out on Gringo among others.

Appearance on: LOT 006