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Grabba Grabba Tape were a well-timed fun injection on a 2004 Spanish tour that was threatening to fall apart at the seams for That Fucking Tank. Drummer-vocalist Lolo ran a record and kitsch tat shop, ran and still runs a record label called Gssh Gssh and had lots of Residents, Devo and hardcore punk records and DVDs at his flat. We were also fed incredible food and treated to nice booze. All of the warm feelings induced by such hospitality are what you might feel when watching Grabba Grabba Tape live. At all times absurd, funny, rocking, catchy and a little disturbing. They wore their gay-Yeti-alien costumes for years without washing them. The music sounded like Polysics, Devo, Daft Punk and they did some Minor Threat covers. I have never smiled as much watching a band as the first time we saw them.

In 2005 GGT came to the UK to do a tour with tank and then again about a year later. Their plans to move to the USA, release an album, and rule the world are as yet unrealised but that doesn't mean that one or all of those things will not happen.

Appearance on: LOT 008