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The Unit Ama were an avant-rock trio from Newcastle featuring people who had previously played in Crane and Four Frame. I found them a challenge to watch the first couple of times they played in Leeds being as they played much more 'textural' experimental music than the riff-led songs I favoured. I think the turning point for me was when we played with them once at Josephs Well at Rocktober festival and their performance was so intense and well composed that I fell in love with what they were doing. My adulation was compounded when I saw them play a particularly rocking set at the Cardigan Arms where guitarist-singer Steve Malley - who was also a fireman - stopped a song mid-set to give a member of the audience first aid, checked he was in the recovery position and safe, and then put his guitar back on and carried on with the set unwavered. Total heroes.

I'm pretty certain The Unit Ama toured Europe once, possibly with Bilge Pump, and played around the UK a lot. The album that they self-released on CD that came in exquisite packaging and that was later released on vinyl and CD by Gringo is absolutely stunning and a fantastic document of a very special band. Steve now does solo stuff as 'The Horse Loom' and Jason and Christian play in The Long Lonesome Go.

Appearance on: LOT 006