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A list of all the Obscene Baby Auction Releases at a glance.
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LOT 001: J*R/Kill Yourself split

LOT 002: Brand New Gay Scene compilation

LOT 003: Humanfly/Kill Yourself split

LOT 004: Kill Yourself 'Soft Touch Of Man EP'

LOT 005: Brown Owl/Bilge Pump split

LOT 006: Old Baby Sex Scene compilation

LOT 007: Kill Yourself 'self-titled 7-inch'

LOT 008: That Fucking Tank/Grabba Grabba Tape split

LOT 009: That Fucking Tank 'The Day of Death by Bono Adrenalin Shock'

LOT 010: That Fucking Tank 'TFT'

LOT 011:Nope 'Revision'