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As impressive as it is that in Leeds 6 such a relatively small and tight-knit community can produce so much fantastic music it was a welcome change to see a band like Monster Killed by Laser play for the first time. They played music that sounded like it was from Leeds 6 - the same set of underground influences, bizzare humour and bad clothes but I didn't recognise any of them! They hadn't been ex members of this or that band, or promoters of gigs that had formed a band, or even annoying hecklers. As it turned out these chong-lovers were originally from Wakefield but now living in the depths of Hyde Park. Accordingly over the coming years their Melvins-esque instrumental guitar music got more prog influenced and jammed out, Dave Shields' stunning drumming more audacious, Kenny's bass dirtier and deeper and Lee's guitar wizardry more and more effects-soaked. Comparitively, when they contributed a song to the "Old Baby Sex Scene' compilation they were banging out the riffs. Them lads needed to learn some manners.

Aside from their compilation appearance and a split seven-inch with That Fucking Tank where they do a fairly note-perfect version of a King Crimson song MKBL are yet to have a proper release. No doubt they have about three triple album's worth of recordings tucked away under their bed. They play less nowadays as Lee roadies for indie bands. Dave plays in Cowtown and Kenny did a stint in Gruel.

Appearance on: LOT 006