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Humanfly went through some stylistic oscillations in their first year or so. Their previous band Canvas were probably the most terrifying band I'd ever seen; playing absolutely demented experimental hardcore that embraced every influence each member had come into contact with. Humanfly's early shows were in contrast very easy to deal with in that they played psychedelic, strung-out stonerish rock, eight-minute epics and Black Sabbath covers. After a few months though things started to speed up and shorten down until they were a tight as fuck explosive hardcore riff-spewing machine along the lines of JR Ewing. This era is captured on their first album and the split with Kill Yourself. Following these releases Humanfly returned to their psychedelic-epic roots but with an added weight, competency and volume that makes them a pummeling live experience.

Humanfly have released two albums and toured Spain and Portugal a couple of times tending to play larger gigs and festivals in Leeds when they come along.

Appearance on: LOT 003