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LOT 003
Humanfly/Kill Yourself split

Format: 7-inch black vinyl, with two inserts

Humanfly (Leeds), Kill Yourself (Leeds)

Release date:
Feb 2003

Run: 300 copies

'This release was a joint effort between us and ‘Decavity’; a record label formed by a young guy called Stuart who had originally got in touch asking to do work experience or shadowing at Obscene Baby Auction. When I explained to him what a small operation we were and that the best way to learn how to put out a record would be to do one, we agreed to split the effort and the cost and put a 7-inch out together. The Kill Yourself songs were left over from the original recording sessions done in Stoke about a year earlier but we chose songs we still played live. Humanfly had started as a kind of psychedelic space-rock band but were playing fast hardcore a bit like JR Ewing at that time. Later they returned to the slow heavy sound they’d begun with but I always preferred watching Dave the ridiculously ace drummer go fast and really like the song on this seven inch.

The artwork for this release was a bit confused which is unfortunate given that part of the division of responsibility between OBA and Decavity was that we’d do the artwork! It has really nice drawings by James’ girlfriend Jessica Thomas but these are relegated to two inserts and the label prints. The cover, which was a cheap fold-over thing was done in a rush and the collage/cut-and-paste feel didn’t really come out well in the print. Still it’s a decent enough record and I often wonder whether there’s a huge stack of them gathering dust somewhere as I don’t think Stuart did much with Decavity following his experience with OBA.'

<a href="http://obscenebabyauction.bandcamp.com/album/lot-003-humanfly-kill-yourself-split-7-inch">Humanfly - Death by Umbongo by Obscene baby Auction</a>