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LOT 009
The Day of Death by Bono Adrenalin Shock

Format: 12-inch black vinyl, one insert

That Fucking Tank (Leeds)

Release date:
October 2005

Run: 500 copies

In 2004, after That Fucking Tank had existed for a year, James and I had to accept it was our 'main band' and try and make it good. I started using a guitar and bass amp instead of two bass amps and we started to draw on more classic rock influences rather than trying to simply ape our American contemporaries. The band became much more fun and people responded well to the addition of pumping disco-beats, melodies and metal riffs. We gigged like madmen around this time and our live performances were drawing attention due to our mega-volume and lack of clothes.

In July of 2005 we went to record the set with Robert Whiteley (who had recorded the previous Kill Yourself records) explaining we wanted a raw live sound. Rob booked us in to a B and B near Wrexham the barn of which had once been a recording studio. We set up our equipment and, once we'd acclimatised to the cavernous room, ran through the set a couple of times and kept most of the first takes. Then we had the rest of the day to add a few incidental passages to break the set up into an album. Once we'd finished laying down the tracks and getting a rough mix we went for Sunday lunch in a near by country pub. It was a bloody lovely hot day. On our return we listened back to the album and almost fell asleep. It was then we knew we had a right banger on our hands.

Jealous Records shared the release with us - pressing the CD version and taking care of all the press and promo. Dave Hand of Burn Everything did a beautiful job of the artwork to house the vinyl which we assembled by hand. The LP came out at the end of 2005 and the CD followed and was available in shops in early 2006. 'Day of Death..' received a bit of national press attention with reviews in The Independent and NME as well as loads of fanzines and web zines; most of it pretty good.

Jealous records called it a day in 2008 with most of the run of 'Day of Death' sold. The band still have a handful of copies that they sell at gigs. Get in touch if you fancy one on CD or vinyl.

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