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The Unpleasants started off as a comedy duo of ex-Canvas, Rauschen and Hood character Gaz Brown and a 'mystery' monkey puppeteer (Paul also previously of Rauschen) that would direct verbal abuse at the audience between songs. At some point the decision came about to ditch the monkey which had the benefit of highlighting how accomplished Gaz's Aphex Twin, Steve Reich, Yan Tiersen ish electronic compositions were. In the early days he had a couple of self-released CDRs made entirely from free or appropriated materials that were in turn distributed for free. Although Gaz's music might irksomely fall into the 'ambient electronica' category, some of his live performances were very theatrical; a particularly excellent one ending in him downing plenty of wine and cossack dancing.

Gaz still plays but now under his name Gareth S Brown to allow Hood fans to pick up on the connection.

Appearance on: LOT 006