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LOT 013
Young Conservatives

Band: Young Conservatives

Title: Young Conservatives

Format and Quantity: 300 vinyl (first 100 white vinyl) / digital download

Release Date: August 10th 2014

Notes: Young Conservatives are a band with a manifesto:

'Not young. Not Conservative. An analogy for the modern state. The diluted mediocrity of 21st century British politics. Endless rhetoric and vitriol on what we are against because of our fundamental inability and unwillingness to actually define what it is we stand for.'

Who are Young Conservatives? The group’s line-up will prick the ears of anyone with an interest in the British hardcore and post hardcore scene from the 90s to the present day: Andy Bryant (Imbalance, The Horror) on vocals, Dave Allen (The Horror, Voorhees) on drums, James Islip (That Fucking Tank, The Magnificent) on bass and Adam Smith (Matadors) on guitar.

Their debut EP is a concise, lean statement of intent: musically and lyrically. Six tracks - none of which break the three minute mark - written and recorded in the no nonsense style of early Dischord and SST punks who knew the clock was ticking down. Melodic, fast, catchy, brutal. The EP manifests a sense of urgency and politicised directness that cuts through the present day fug of retro-obsessed reverb-soaked introspection. Communicated with the most economic of means, Young Conservatives make you feel the need for change.

They say bad circumstances makes for good music. Young Conservatives are the silver lining to a political cloud whose shadow is spreading. Sign up today and let the bile rise.


1. Young Conservatives (2:59) // 2. Shift the Paradigm (2:33) // 3. #11 (0:36)
4. The Fabled Middle Ground (2:34) // 5. Stock Footage (2:20) // 6. Answers? (2:18)