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LOT 005
Brown Owl/Bilge Pump split

Format: 7-inch picture disc

Brown Owl (Leeds), Bilge Pump (Leeds)

Release date:
August 2003

Run: 500 copies

'In August we had released our fifth record as OBA; LOT005 a split 7-inch picture disc between Bilge Pump and Brown Owl (a newer Leeds band featuring members of Dragon Rapide, Baby Harp Seal and Bob Tilton playing very ace Heroic Doses style angular funk and afrobeat) who were also touring in Europe. Keeby did the artwork for this one and we continued in the same vein as LOT004 with cheap but hopefully striking minimalist artwork; this time just black and white picture disc with a sticker on the sleeve. These sold very quickly as we just gave the band pretty much all 300 copies which they sold on their tour.'

<a href="http://obscenebabyauction.bandcamp.com/album/lot-005-bilge-pump-brown-owl-split-7-inch">Bilge Pump -You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Blonde by Obscene Baby Auction</a>